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So this happened, and why would I ever consider not writing this?

Title: The Final Curtain
Fandom: Tales of Graces
Note: It doesn't really take place at any particular time, besides having everyone in the party in the main arc.
Summary: Hubert's fashion sense is questioned in the most scandalous (to him) of ways.

It's curtains for you! )
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Here's another of those forgotten fics. There might still be some more...

Title: Taming Beasts
Fandom: Tales of Vesperia
Note: It doesn't really take place at any particular time. Maybe around the third chapter of the game!
Summary: Estelle causes an unexpected problem for a couple other members of the party...

Estelle, perhaps you should consider changing back into your traveling outfit. )
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Apparently I wrote some Vesperia fics like one or two years ago that I actually did finish! But then I completely forgot about them. The others might require a bit of touching up, so here's one.

Title: Telephone
Fandom: Tales of Vesperia
Characters: Yuri, Rita, Karol, and Estelle.
Note: Takes place after escaping the knights in Halure but before arriving at Ehmead Hill.
Summary: When you hear things by word of mouth, sometimes the message gets a little garbled.

Was she meditating? )
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I like writing short fics. If I don't get the idea out right away, I'll forget it and it'll never happen...

Anyway, this doesn't really have a title yet but it's just a short gen fic about Rita and the others when they first get to Capua Nor.

Blah blah blah tidal wave etc )
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Title: I have no idea what to title this yet, actually.
Fandom: Tales of Vesperia
Characters: Rita and Raven
Wordcount: 495
Note: No explicit spoilers, but it takes place after Judith bails out following the events in Nordopolica.
Summary: Rita's usually too busy occupying her mind with other things to be concerned about justice and punishment, but Raven prods her into talking. In her impatience, she doesn't understand the impact of her words.

Things that actually matter. )


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